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Psychometric Assessment

Mainly, Psychometric Assessment is the standard and scientific method to analyze individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural genre; Rhein Konsultant in India measures it by the new and adventurous mode of aptitudes.


It is an award of financial aid for the students to further their high education; Rhein Konsultant in India assists the new comers to get them through thick and thin by registering and guiding.

Visa Process

A Visa is a conditional authorization approved by a country to a foreigner permitting them to enter, remain within or to leave that country; Rhein Konsultant in India is even auxiliary with Visa Process that passes through two formalities like Visa Application Centre (VAC) and Visa Interview.

Education Loans

Students’ loans are associated with helping them by providing post-secondary education, fees and miscellaneous expenses; Rhein Konsultant in India is the panacea for them.

Standardised Tests

A Standardised Test is a test in which administered and scored in a relevant or standard way and manner; Rhein Konsultant in India organizes them mannerly with the high touchstone.

Country/University/Course Selection

Rhein Konsultant in India is providing study overseas like in Germany, USA, UK or other countries universities in accordance with the modes of students’ course selections transparently.

Document Editing

Document Editing is one of the most significant process in which document can be a report, presentation or a document that the technical information related with profession of the community involved; Rhein Konsultant in India cares for edit age and proofreading services.

Application Review and Submission

Application Review and its Submission is one of the most quality management services; Rhein Konsultant in India performs this process sincerely and uprightly.

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation whether online or offline; Rhein Konsultant in India pays its full attention and takes all responsibilities to get achievements.

Visa Counselling

Rhein Konsultant in India is fully associated with free visa counselling, visa assistance to the students for Higher Education in Germany or abroad.

Pre-departure Briefing

Rhein Konsultant in India is organizing Pre-Departure Briefing for Indian Students those who have received an offer either conditional or unconditional to get free education in Germany.


Rhein Konsultant in India not only provides a convenient arrangement but also it makes sure of well-settled circumstances and environments to the new Indian students in Germany.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Rhein Konsultant in India is one and far better plan for the Indian students in connection with Travel and Medical Insurance cases.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is the process where one currency for another that refers to the global market; Rhein Konsultant in India even does it promptly and easily.

Telecom Services​

Telecom Service is the type of communication that is traditionally provided by telephones, mobiles or others communication media; Rhein Konsultant in India is the best TSP in Germany.

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